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Terms & Conditions

Check your AC and other electronic equipment after service, after that we have no guarantee.
Re-complaint cannot be registered on Saturday and Sunday.

No warranty other than repaired parts.
If there is any visit other than our guarantee, then our visit charge will be applicable.
The repair bill is required at the time of the re-complaint.

The joint repair that has been made during gas charging will only be guaranteed for three months.

Please take a photo of the joint repair so that we can get support for good work.

Repair of AC nearby the drain in the range of 500 meters to 1 kilometre will get only two days warranty.

There will be no refund in payment.

Re-complaint can be solved within 24 hours to 48 hours.

Whatever the guarantee of the part will come from the company, only the company will be responsible for that part. Our labour charge will be applied again.

Only gas refill will be guaranteed during the gas refill work. No other part of AC or electronic item is guaranteed.